Damien's Plumbing Services (QLD) Pty Ltd | Services
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General Plumbing Maintenance

All plumbing jobs completed to a high standard

we listen to clients and provide professional advice when requested, we value our customers and hope to proved a service that they are happy with.

Professional/ Clean / timely

Body Corporate

We have a professional  relationship with onsite and off site managers

we currently are work together  with commercial & residential body corporates & have so continually for the last 15 years.

Commercial Body corporates – retail, offices complexes

Residential Body corporates – town house complexes and apartment blocks

Back flow Devices

Fully accredited since 1993 with experience for all valve sizes and manufactures, testing and repairing

Gas Fitting

Fully licensed – complying with all gas regulation and installation codes giving you confidence with your gas appliance and appliance operation explained to the customer.

Roofing & Guttering

Repairs to roof faults at the hourly rate – photos and report will be supplied on request  and replacement roof priced and installed professionally

Hot Water – solar/gas/electric

Help with determining the correct unit for your requirement and position + professional installed we care of the installation from start to finish

Blocked drains

Cleared in a timely manner.

Garbage Disposal

Replacement unit supplied and installed at competitive rates

Tempering & Thermostatic Valves

Servicing and testing to a high standard. Details supplied

Taps & Toilets 

Servicing tap washer & ceramic disc tap  water saver taps servicing and repaired

Maintenance Services 

One call for all your building maintenance needs – we have excellent people – one call will fix it


Enquire Now

Fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.